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Marry Me - Nightmare Of You

Tabbed by: zimin175
E-mail: zimin175@gmail.com
Comment: Umm, standard tuning.
         I'm sure most of the chords are correct.
         But please do rate and comment.
         And oh, read the comments for changes :)
         Rock on! Nightmare Of You's a brilliant band!

         G            Em
I felt a love of such deafening weight 
F                     C                    G
 Dangling from a ballustrade of shilly-shally 
        Em          F
Overlooking infinity and this ecstasy 
Of you lying next to me 
G            Em              F
 And in a peculiar way you clutched me 
By the shoulder, said "Boy I barely know you 
but would you marry me?" 

        G                       C
We were floating about with our heads in the clouds 
And stealing those words from my mouth 
You whispered in my ear 
  C               D      G
Exactly what I wanted to hear 

G.. C.. D..

             G               Em
I composed a note of such jubilant things
F                       C 
 And placed it between bed and spring 
              G          Em
Of a hostile hostel overrun with 
             F      C             G
Shedding towelettes   and Mexican maids 
            Em              F
and with indefinite fate I clutched you by the shoulder 
and said "Girl, I barely know you... 
but would you marry me?"

[Repeat Chorus]

G.. C.. D                        G..
        Exactly what I wanted to hear
C.. D                        G
    Exactly what I wanted to hear
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