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D-7 as played by Nirvana on the "Hormoaning" EP:


verse 1:
Straight as an arrow, defect, defect.
Not straight, not so straight, reject, reject.
Towards anti-social, solo, solo.
verse 2:
Standing on the stairs, cold cold morning.
Ghostly image of fear, mayday, mayday.
Gonna leave this region, they'll take me with them.

Dimension Seven

tuning: standard (although drop D would work very well)

slow part (no distortion):

E---0--------0--1--------1--  this sequence is played twice before the drums
A------2-----------3--------  come in, then twice more with the drums, then
D---------2-----------0-----  all throughout the first two lines of each 
G---------------------------  verse.

E---5-----5-----6-----6-----5-----5-----6--6--------  this is played during
A------7--7--7-----8--8--8-----7--7--7--8--8--------  the third line of each
D---------7-----------8-----------7-----8--8--------  verse, after which it
G---------------------------------------------------  returns to the riff
B---------------------------------------------------  above.

Then there is that pause where the last chord (E) rings out for about
four to eight beats,and then Kurt turns the distortion on and doubles
the tempo.

He uses the following power chord progression:
E,E,X,X,E,E,E,E,F,F,F,G,G,G,F,F x2
then he repeats verse 1 (screaming of course)
use the above chords for the first two lines, and then this for the 
third line:
A,A,X,X,A,A,A,A,A#,A#,A#,C,C,C,A#,A# x2
repeat the first power chord progression twice with no lyrics.

scream verse 2 (same chords as verse 1)

guitar solo (improvise your own, it's pretty easy)

scream verse 1 again

repeat first chord progression 8 times more,
screaming "dimension seven" in each.

"D-7" as performed by Nirvana
(originally written by Greg Sage,
performed by the Wipers)

This is a great cover tune.  For those who don't know about it, it's on some
demos and on the Hormoaning import ep.  I think it's on one of the import
singles too (probably Lithium UK import).

standard tuning
~ = let ring
hb = half bend

   E5 (022xxx@1)                   F5 (133xxx@1)   (G5) F5----------------------------- (133xxx@1)-----------------------------

(it's probably easier to play the intro in Drop D, but, whatever floats your

then that almost-chorus-like part of the intro (strumming):
A5  (x022xx)    G5  (355xxx)

the intro ends with a strummed E5.

   E5 (022xxx@1)                               F5 (133xxx@1)            G5----------------------------------------------- (355xxx@1)-----------------------------------------------

   A5 (x022xx@1)                              A#5 (x133xx@1)          C5----------------------------------------------- (x355xx@1)-----------------------------------------------

Solo (at least the beginning)

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