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Author/Artist: Nofx
Title: Cool and Unusual Punishment
Album: Wolves in Wolves Clothing
Transcribed by: Weeman
Email: alkalinetrio6204@aol.com

this song is pretty funky, especialy the little kinda surf solo's
have fun with it.

 A  D  E  F#                                                                       


A        D        E                A
Absolute shibari, cold noodles and hot sake
F#m                 Bm               D         ..E
The mistress bar in Roppongi is the place
A       D                      E                             A
For Japanese hardcore, not the kind you’re gonna find at the record store
F#m            Bm                  D          ..E
Not the kind designed for the kind-hearted
   F#m             D                 E          A
Do not pass go, do not get bail Go directly to Osaka Jail
      F#m               Bm              D     ..E
Where you get locked or drunk under the table

For just under 10,000 yen
You can visit hell and come back again
For the process of hurting and healing
Cake and candle wax dessert
It’s not fun ‘til someone gets hurt
Who’s the next to get hung from the ceiling

So if you want rewards and consequence
They got the cool and unusual punishments
Get on your knees for Japanese instruction
Rope and Cigarette burns, forget about any health concerns
This is pure assisted self-destruction

Kanpai and bottoms up, unhelping hands hogtie you up
One bad deed surely deserves another
Bruised from bamboo caning
Coming home try explaining this to your significant other
Good ***in luck
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