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  • Artist:

    No Use For A Name

  • Album:

    Hard Rock Bottom

Song:  Angela
Artist:  No Use For A Name
Album:  Hard Rock Bottom
Track:  7
Year:  2002
Tabbed by:  Simo (FRY)

This tab is for all the fucking punk in the world!! Have fun from Italy....

Intro:  Bass and Drums

I didn't mean to drag under 
But I was thinking about you 
And how your eyes swallowed me whole 
I've tried my hardest to forget it 
But a broken heart is murder for the soul 
How does it feel to be 
One of the beautiful people? 
Everytime that I leave it's like goodbye...

        G5            E5
Forever Angela don't hate me 
    C5           G5          D5
No matter what they say I'll always love you 
 G5                   E5
Don't believe the authorities 
     C5   D5       G5
Angela believe in me 

G5                         C5
Remember when we danced together 
And I promised you the world?
Well, I'll have to take that back 
G5                              D5   
Because my whole life has been capsized 
      E5             D5                C5       
In a minute all the colors turned to black  
My heart was killing me
     D5                          E5        D5      
And no one could hear her scream at all 
Let's runaway, if only for a day...

           G5          E5
I'm guilty Angela I'm sorry 
      C5          G5
I've failed you again
And this time it's for good 
G5                  E5 
Don't believe your family
        C5               D5      G5
I'm in hell, and you're leaving me 

Solo:  G5 E5 D5 C5 G5 (Palm Muted)  E5 D5 C5

G5          E5        C5    D5      G5 E5       C5    D5      G5
Angela I'm sorry Angela believe in me...   Angela believe in me

Outtro:  G5   E5   C5 D5 G5
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