• Song:

    Divine Let Down

  • Artist:

    No Use For A Name

  • Album:

    The Edge Sessions

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Divine Let Down Chords by No Use For A Name

No Use For A Name - Divine Let Down
Album Keep The Confused

Standard Tuning

Tabbed By Sideshow9090 Sunday 17th of July 2005

Chords Used

A  |  F#m  |  C#m  |  D  |  Bm  |  Abm  |

A               F#m                  C#m
It's funny how blind faith often is used 
        D      A          F#m
Like a net to fall on in desperate times
         C#m        D                Bm
Like a crutch for regret as a last resort

I won't let emotions take me
    A    Abm     F#m               Bm      C#m          
And rely on this fence that's fallen on my head

A             F#m          C#m            D
Guilt is an entity of its own fall from grace
A                  F#m
And self-worth is their reminder
    C#m          D                Bm
To feel out of place in your own home

           C#m                   A       Abm      F#m
Another excuse to divide us and keep the siege at bay
            Bm             C#m                       A
As long as thoughts are suppressed we'll think the same
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