• Song:


  • Artist:

    No Use For A Name

  • Album:

    Hard Rock Bottom

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Intro: E
Am F G E x2

         Am       F            G
I can pretend for you, that I mean
  E         Am        F
every word said it's true
            G       E    C
That I'd probably rather be like
    G       E    Am    G
a stranger in disguise
F               G
And act as if nothing ever..

F               G        E            Am
Died or faded away, got lonelier with age
G    F    G
And time isn't on our side

C             G                                Am
I'm sorry to take the thoughts that keep you awake
                               F    G
And make it seem like they're overrated
C             G              F
You certainly talk about me more when
I fall down
C              G                      Am
And when I get up, my time is never enough
                      F       G
Loved in front behind my back hated
E               E
I guess it has everything to do with luck

Am F G E x2

        Am         F
I can defend the truth
      G          E           Am    F
but I sound like white noise to my friends
     G        E        C
As I raise my glass to you
     G      E        Am    G
In a stupor we speak words
F             G
That couldn't be more honest

F               G        E                Am
Lies we lived before are fights without a war
G    F   G
I'm dead when it's in your head

C               G                           Am
I'm starting to think that all the buoys we sink
                        F     G
Are cutting our chances of being saved
C               G            F              G
I see that the end is all we have to let us know
C            G                               Am
I'd like to believe in something more than a dream
                        F        G
For when the will to be one has faded
E           Am                   F
I guess the truth will soon be deceived
   G                 F
My friend that isn't there,
G         C
  My solitaire.

I'm not sure that chords are 100% correct, it's my first tab. So leave your comments or 
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