• Song:

    The Trumpet Player

  • Artist:

    No Use For A Name

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G                                                   [ch]F#/G[/ch]
Always in the way, I think I've had enough of this
Em                                   D
Why is everyone so cold and lonely?
C                            G                          D
Here I go again, I'll try releting to the selfishly absurd

G                                                    [ch]F#/G[/ch]
Take me for a ride and leave me somewhere I can live
Em                                   D
Without feeling everybody's sorrow
C                                     G                
I want to feel the numbness that surrounds most of our hearts
   D                            B7
To feel like I am normal while ripping lives apart

Em                           C
Somewhere on the way to degradation
  G                          D
I met a man who put me in my place
He said,"You will not see me
        Em                     C                 D
You'll know the truth when you hear this trumpet play"

G                                                      [ch]F#/G[/ch]
Doctor can you give me something for my state of mind?
Em                                           D
If we're all on the same pill it's alright
C                                   G
'Sorry son you'll have to walk this bridge without a crutch
       D                     B7
We're out of medication, the world is out of love"

Em                                      C
Just then I heard something from the distance
     G                             D
The trumpet player sitting on the hill
 B7                               Em
He said "I really do not have an answer now"
     C                  D
Then vanished standing still

C                         D
In the face on everyone I saw a little madness
      G           [ch]F#/G[/ch]             Em      D
And decided not to be part of that scene
     C            Cm              G... (13 hits on palm mute)
The only way it seemed

Em                            C
Always on the wrong side of affection
    G                                D
We step on heads to get more than we need
B7                       Em
Never understanding the afterglow
      C                 D
The reflection of our greed
B7                       Em
Never understanding the afterglow
      C              Cm                 (G, [ch]F#/G[/ch], Em, D, C, G, D) x2 Fade out
The reflection of... reflection of our greed
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