• Song:

    Rosies Lulluby

  • Artist:

    Norah Jones

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Rosies Lulluby Chords by Norah Jones

Rosie's Lulluby

3/4 time

Fm                A   
  She walked by the ocean,
Bm                  D 
  And waited for a star,
A              E
  To carry her away.
Fm        A
  Feelin' so small,
Bm                      D
  At the bottom of the world,
A               E
  Lookin' up to God.

She tries to take deep breaths,
To smell the salty sea,
As it moves over her feet.

The water pulls so strong,
And no-one is around,
A                         E
  And the moon is looking down.

  Fm      A         Bm    D
  Rosie - come with me,
  A           E          Fm    A  Bm  D  A  E 
  Close your eyes - and dream.

The big ships are rollin',
And lightin' up the night,
And she calls out, but they just her pass by.

The waves are crashin',
But not making a sound,
Just mouthin' along.

Rosie - come with me,
Close your eyes and dream,
Close your eyes and dream,
Close your eyes and dream.
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