• Song:

    Death Of The Anti Mother

  • Artist:

    Norma Jean

  • Album:

    The Anti Mother

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Norma Jean
Vs. the Anti Mother
Death of the Anti Mother (Intro)

Tab by: Jadran0009

Sorry guys for this MAJOR Tab update! I was stupid when I made this tab, and I found a 
that sounds Loads much better!

Hey Everyone...I am completly new to this and thought I might give it a try. I wanted to find
out how to play this song on guitar, and there were no tabs anywhere on the internet
I could
find yet, since it is a new album " Vs. the Anti Mother ".
I am not even really that good at guitar, but I thought this sounded very close to the intro.

The tunning might be a little off since I pretty much played it by ear from an online
tuner giving me the pitch.

Tunning: B,E,A,F,_,_

...The other 2 I don't know considering you do not use them in the way I play the intro.
    P.S. The B is a lower pitch then a drop D.


|---------------------0------------| X3
|-------9----7------5---5---5------|      (When you repeat, do not play the
|-------10---8----7-------7--------|       first open E string again.)


Thanx for checking out my very first tab everyone! I hope it was very clear and made
and I hope you enjoed it! And once again, sorry, I changed the entire tab for those of 
who have already viewed this tab. =/

Tab by: Jadran0009

Thanx to Ultimate-Guitar.com!
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