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Key of D 
Throughout the song, play the two bass notes of the chords Bm , D , and  

G during the verses.  Use the bar chords for these.  In the chorus it  
opens up and then I don't use the bar chords. 
Bm , D , Bm , D 
   Bm                     D 
I dreamed I was dying in Texas 
   Bm                   D 
I closed my eyes and I signed 
       Bm                      D 
Like a black and white movie I saw my days 
G                     Bm 
Playing out before my eyes 
      D                       Bm 
I was crippled by a life of injustice 
      D                             Bm 
I was bent from walking through the wind 
         D                 Bm 
I plead guilty on a day of judgement 
          G                 A 
God just shook my hand and grinned 

             D    A   G 
And he said, come on in, 
    D        Bm        A        G 
You did the best that you could do 
           Bm           A         G 
There's a little bit of right in every wrong 
           D            A     G 
There's a little bit of me in you  

Bm                        D 
Sister I know that you're weary 
            Bm                     D 
You've been slaving in the sun all day 
     Bm                  D 
The burn of life in your belly 
G                       Bm 
Sorrow in your heart of clay 
     D                     Bm 
Your husband was a man of passion 
        D                   Bm 
Passion stole your husband away 
         D                        Bm 
And your son gave a life for your freedom 
         G                      A 
But you feel like a prisoner anyway.   Sister.... 
chorus, then 
Bm , D , Bm , D 
  Bm                   D 
I left my home and my family 
         Bm                       D 
With my shoes in the dust of this land 
  Bm                 D 
I found a job and a woman 
     G                     Bm 
But nothing went the way I planned 
      D                        Bm 
I was ambushed by my own good intentions 
     D                 Bm 
Used up every dollar I earned 
          D                      Bm 
So I went back to the home of my father 
                D                  Bm 
And said, "your American son has returned" 
           G                  A 
"Dad, your American son has returned"  ... and he said 
chorus (without chords) 
chorus-repeat and fade
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