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e----------------------------------------------------- | 
b----------------------------------------------------- | 
g----5s4-0---0s2-2s3-5s7-5s2------5s4-0---0s2-2s3-5s7- | 
d----------------------------------------------------- | 
a--3-------3--------------------3-------3------------- | 
E----------------------------------------------------- | 


C5 A5 B5

Transition ("What a feeling when it takes control of you")

A5 B5 G5 C5

("Then it's gone")


Chorus/Solo jam ("Then the rain came knocked me sideways")

C5 G5 F5

("It's just getting old")

A5 B5 C5

Bridge ("You told me you'd break my heart")

F5 C5 G5

(finger pick bridge for the same effect)
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