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Chords used:
C     X32010
G     320033
Am    X02210
E7    020100
F     113211
Fm    133111
G#/E7 420100
[Verse 1]
C               G               Am
Slip inside the eye of your mind
          E7             F     G
Don't you know you might find
A better place to play
[Am, G]  - Transition chords, played quickly
[Verse 2]
C             G               Am
You said that you'd never been
            E7                 F    G
But all the things that you've seen
Slowly fade away
F            Fm                 C
So I start a revolution from my bed
F                Fm                       C
Cos you said the brains I have went to my head
F                Fm              C
Step outside the summertime's in bloom
Stand up beside the fireplace
Take that look from off your face
Am                 G                F             G
Cos you ain't ever going to burn my heart ouuuuuuuuuut

C   G        Am        E7             F
So Sally can wait, she knows it's too late
         G          C
As we're walking on by
C        G      Am        E7         F
Her soul slides away, but don't look back in anger
  G         C
I heard you say
Take me to the place where you go
Where nobody knows
If it's night or day
Please don't put your life in the hands
Of a Rock and Roll band
Who'll throw it all away
Gonna start a revolution from my bed
Cos you said the brains I have went
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