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Band: Oasis
Title: Force Of Nature
Album: Heathen Chemistry

Intro - A,B,F#

        A            B         F#  
Yeah I feel like the force of nature 
               A           B           F# 
could make you sing like a bird released 
            A           B                 F#
If what you seek is the wise man?s treasure
              A          B            F#
you know it?s buried beneath your feet 
             A            B          F# 
You know you look like a faded picture 
          A               B           F#
I see the cracks freezing on your skin 
           A            B                 F#
and as the world slowly turns and hits you
that the thieves of the night 
    B                    F#
are coming to take you in 

                   B    D    G
For smoking all my stash 
                   B    D    G
and burning all my cash
                     B    D   G
I bet you knew right away 
it?s all over town that 
    D           E  
the sun?s going down 
       G            B    D    G  
on the days of your easy life. 
                     B    D    G
I bet you knew right away 
                                   B    D    G
you dope you don?t know where it?s at
It?s all over town 
         D          E
that the sun?s gone down 
         G    F#  
and it?s high time to pray 

That's pretty much it. Just repeat this for the rest of the song.
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