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I've seen some pretty complicated transcriptions of this song, including notes that can barely be heard on the recording. If you can't hear it, who cares! Also, notice how a lot of the other tabs are exactly, I mean exactly the same. Either thats a lil "copy & paste and hope no one notices" or getting it from the same book (which is illegal by the way). Anyways, I sat down with my band and we transcribed this song one afternoon, and it sounds great. Our audience really appreciated it when we played it. So take it or leave it, but rate accordingly. Without further a do, here it is.

"Wonderwall" by Oasis, from the album "(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?" copyright 2005.

tuning: standard EADBGe w/ capo 2nd fret. The tablature for this tab is based off capo 2 setup
                             CHORD SHAPES 
 o  o        o       xxo       xxo       x         x          oo
|------|  |------|  |------|  |------|  |------|  |------|  |------|
|-00---|  |-0----|  |---0-0|  |---0--|  |--0---|  |--0---|  |0--0--|
|----00|  |0---00|  |----0-|  |----00|  |-0--00|  |----00|  |----00|
  Em7        G          D       Dsus4     Cadd9    Asus4      D/F#

      Em7      G      Dsus4   Asus4 
G|-----0-000---0-00-0h2--2-20-0-00000000--| This may seem weird just looking at it, but listem to the
D|--22-2-222---0-00-----------2-22222222--| song and you'll see that its accurate. Listen to the strumming 
A|--22-2-222-2-2-22-----------------------| as well. May take some practice.

    Cadd9            Dsus4             Em7
And all the roads we have to walk are winding

    Cadd9              Dsus4             Em7 
And all the lights that lead us there are blinding

 Cadd9              Dsus4             G    D/F#   Em7
There are many things that I would like to say to you

  G             Asus4______strum this chord til chorus
But I don't know how

LEAD GUITAR Part. This part is played under the chords and lyrics shown above. 
Other tabs seem to have this down, so I'm going to give you what I played when my band did this song.
Its extremely similar, just a few more notes and sounds more concrete than the actual version.
    Cadd9     D            Em7            Dus4
G|--------0-----------0-------------0---------0h2-----| X2  
"All the roads...are winding / All the lights...are blinding"

    Cadd9     D            G        D/F#    Em7   G         Cadd9__strum til chorus(other guitar is playing Asus4)
e|----3-------2h3-2-----------3-------3-------3-------3------3-----| or jus pick around on individual notes like
B|------0-----------3-----------3-------3-------3-------3----3-----| he does on the song.
"There are many...would like    to say to you but I...how"

Give that a shot, see what you think. Musically it fits perfectly and sounds great. Lil easier too, but still cool

         Cadd9    Em7    G     Em7                          Cadd9    Em7     G     
Because maybe___________________you're gonna be the one that saves me_________________
 Em7    Cadd9    Em7    G            Em7        Cadd9
And after__ all____________you're my wonder_____ wall__________

That's pretty much it. There a lil break after first chorus, and guitar resumes by struming the verse. All the stuff I tabbed just repeats again for next verse, chorus, etc.

Oh, and don't forget this lil diddy:
OUTRO (3:44)
B|--1--0--1---------| X9

Feel free to post comment/corrections. What I laid down for ya is basically the backbone for the sone, though I'm sure there are some minor discrepancies people are going to call me out on. But this is it, this is the song. Enjoy.
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