• Song:

    The Day We Caught The Train

  • Artist:

    Ocean colour scene

  • Album:


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E5                     D5 
Never saw it as the start, 
Its more a change of heart. 
F5                                              E5 
Rappin on the windows, whizzin down the chimney pot. 
G5                                        D5 
Blowing up the dust in a room where I forgot. 
C5                          B5 
I laid my plans in solid rock. 
E5                                                       A5 
Steppin through the door like a troubador while in just an hour away. 
E5                                                     A5            
Lookin through the trees at the roadside feelin its a brighter day. 
D5                    A5 
But you and I should ride the coast, 
B5                  A5                      E5 
And wind up in our favourite coats just hours away. 
Roll a number, write another song, 
A5                      N/C/
Like Jimmy heard the day he caught the train. 
 D5      A5 
Wo wo la la 
 G5     E5 
Wo wo la la 
D5       A5 
Wo wo la la 
G5      E5 
Wo wo laaa 
(Continue like so)
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