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Artist:  The Offspring
Song:  Spare Me the Details
Album:  Splinter
Tabbed by:  Rick  (rickrack97@hotmail.com)
AIM:  rickrack97


Ab5  (466xxx)
Eb5  (x688xx)
C#5  (x466xx)
F#2  (x8-10-10xx) 
C5   (8-10-10xxx) or (x355xx)
Bb5  (688xxx)

Intro:  Drums start, then the chords G#5 D#5 C#5 are played
        Then there is this riff over the chords:


Verse:  the chords start out palm muted on electric

Ab5            Eb5      C#5
My girlfriend, my dumb doughnut
    Ab5                     Eb5   C#5
We went to a party just the other night
  C#5                    Eb5           C#5
Three hours later, and seven shots of jager
 Ab5                          Eb5    C#5
She was in the bedroom with another guy

The acoustic comes in on this part

       Ab5                      Eb5  C#5
And I don't really wanna know
          Ab5              Eb5  C#5
So don't tell me anymore
       Ab5                      Eb5  C#5
And I don't really wanna hear
           Ab5                     Eb5  C#5
About her feet all up in the air


     Ab5                   Eb5        C#5
Well I'm not the one who acted like a ho
 Ab5              Eb5             C#5
Why must I be the one who has to know
 C#5                  Eb5           C#5
I'm not the one who screwed up big time
     Ab5                   Eb5       C#5
So spare me the details if you don't mind

Heres the part where the electric comes in:

G#5 - let it ring the strum it a bunch

F#2                    Bb5                            Eb5   C5
  And I don't need to hear about the sounds you were makin
F#2                    Bb5                         Eb5  C5
  And I don't need to hear about how long it was takin
Or how the walls they were shakin

Thats it.  Very catch song, you can't get it out of your head once you hear it.  Later.
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