• Song:

    Plus Ones

  • Artist:

    Okkervil River

  • Album:

    The Stage Names

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Capo at 7th Fret 

Intro: D

D                G              Em    G                 D             G
No one wants to hear about your 97th tear, so dry your eyes or let it go 
           A                Em             G            A                Em       
uncried, my dear. I am all out of love to mouth into your ear, and not above 
           G         A                 Em           Em* G* A*
letting a love song disappear before it's written. 
          D              G            Em        G                       
    And no one wants a tune about the 100th luftballoon that was seen 
 D                  G             A             Em                G
shooting from the window of your room, to be a spot against the sky's 
        A                   Em               G                  A
colossal gloom and land, deflated, in some neighbor state that's strewn with 
   Em         Em* G* A*
99 others.   

  Em               A                      D              A                Em
     8 Chinese brothers; well, there's a reason why the last is smiling wide 
             G              A                     Em          G A
and sitting higher than the others, swinging his arms.

(The it goes to back to the verse and you get the idea.)

On the * he does a hammer on the Em, the G, and then the A. It's very easy to
figure out. He also plays some of these chords with the third fret of
the B and E strings attached, but whatever works for you. 

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