• Song:

    Tennessee Pusher

  • Artist:

    Old Crow Medicine Show

  • Album:

    Tennessee Pusher (Full ...

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One of the best songs off the new album, I think. On this one live they switch it up a 
and Willie plays fiddle while Ketch takes up the acoustic. It's only two chords for the 
song, but one of them is a bit weird. Enjoy.
Song: Tennessee Pusher
Album: Tennessee
Tabbed by A Rolling Stone

Verse 1-

 Out on the lonely highway

 I'm riding your way

Am                                   Esus2
 Tell your momma to bar the cabin door

 Heading out on a short run
 Just looking for someone

Am                      Esus2
 Who doesn't love me anymore

Tennessee pusher,
Tennessee pusher,
          Am      Esus2
Tennessee pusher,

Verse 2-
Last night in the holler,
I made a thousand dollars,
But I couldn't believe just what I saw,

You were out in the moonlight,
Until the break of daylight,
Giving your love to the law,


Verse 3-
Climbing up on the mountain,
Heartbeat pounding,
Reckless as a cyclone,

You're the one that am after,
But I am a wanted man for,
Bringing it all back home,

*Here just repeat the main chord progression
a few times since they don't play the chorus
between verses 3 and 4.*

Verse 4-
Now there's gun smoke in the valley,
Blood like jelly,
As three crows circle a dead tree,

One for the lover,
One for the pusher,
One for the deputy,

Chorus to End.

Chords Used:
Am - X02210
Esus2 - 022002
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