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    Full Bloom

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Em      D               Em     D
No one can show me such kindness
Em            D          A  
Nowhere can I find this purity
Em             D            Em  D
Your voice leads me to fine places
Em                 D             A  
I thought existed only in my dreams
       C            G       D                     
But I know they?re all in you
          C       G          D                     
When your heart is on full bloom
       C      G            D                     
All my search it ends with you
       Bm               F#m7
?cause nothing is gonna change
   Bm           F#m7
No need to rearrange
Bm          E              D
You?re the end of all my blues

Bm  G   Bm  A    Bm    G   F#    G  A  

D          A
Can?t get enough
     Bm            F#m7 
Tonight you?re impossible
D      A             Bm      G
Loving me like never before
D              A
So fragile and tough
Bm             F#m7 
Baby you?re impeccable
D        A               Bm      G
You have me begging for more

Repeat all
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