• Song:

    Everything I Own

  • Artist:

    Olivia Newton John

  • Album:


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Tom: C

   C      Em                Am   - Em          F    - Dm          C    - G
1.   You sheltered me from storm ,    kept me warm ,     kept me warm.
C        Em               Am  - Em           F  - Dm           C  - G
    You gave my life to me,      set me free,     set me free.
Dm              F             G   Dm                F                G
   The finest years I ever knew,    were all the years I had with you.
G7              C   Dm      G
 I  would give anything I own, 
     G7         C        Dm         G
    give up my life, my heart, my home.
 G7               C  Dm      G            F              C
  I  would give anything I own, just to have you back again.
  C       Em                Am  - Em            F  - Dm             C  - G
2.   You taught me how to love,   what it`s like,    what it`s like.
C              Em                  Am                 Em
    You never said too much, but still you showed the way,
            F   - G                 C  - G
    and I know      from what you knew.
Dm           F                G    Dm              F                 G
    Nobody else could ever know,    the part of me that can`t let go.

             Am                       Em
3. Is there someone you know, you`re loving them so,
    that taking you all for granted,
            Dm                       F
    you may listen one day, someone takes them away,
              Bb                             G
    and they don`t hear the word you long to say.
                      F               C
+ REFRAIN  + just to touch you once again.
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