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SONG: Tuzvihar (Fire Storm)
ALBUM: Nem Tudom A Neved [I Don't Know Your Name] (1974)

Note: Standard Open Tuning

This is the revised version of Tuzvihar, available on "Nem Tudom A Neved," Omega's 6th album.

Intro: A5  G5   F5  G5  A5 

A5                G5
Tuzv?sz, tuzvihar ?g 
      F5          G5         A5
V?r?s ?g, v?r?s sz?l, v?r?s r?m 

 A5             G5
Tombol szertelen?l 

    F5             G5       A5
Aki ?l, most mind f?l, menek?l

 A5                 G5 
Z?ld erdok, f?vek, f?k

       F5       G5         A5 
Mind le?g, boz?tok, szavann?k 

 A5                 G5   
Sok vad fut szertesz?t 

        F5        G5       A5
Csak a t? vak, s?t?t vize v?d

Intermission:  A5 C/G5    D5 F5    A5 C/G5   D5 F5    E5 E7/E 

Repeat the same chords for the second verse and intermission as well.      

Outro: A5  G5   F5   G5   A5.


Tabbed by Hristomir Stanev, requett@yahoo.com
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