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    Ornella De Santis

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           Ab (xx1114@1)               FmQuietly (133111@1)re mind me nothing is real
        Ab (xx1114@1)                              FmNot (133111@1)the sea, not the sky, not concrete or steel
                C# (x43121@1)                   CmIt's (x3101x@1)all just a dream, we dream wide a wake
          C# (x43121@1)                 AbTrying (xx1114@1)to find our way back to grace

Ab (xx1114@1)            Cm (x3101x@1)       FmQuietly (133111@1)re mind me it will all fade a way
     Ab (xx1114@1)                       Cm (x3101x@1)        FmDisa (133111@1)ppear like the tears, like dark at day break
                   C# (x43121@1)                CmEverything (x3101x@1)that we change is gone in a breath
          C# (x43121@1)name="chord_x43121@3">Eb                     Ab (xx1114@1)        CmOnly (x3101x@1)love stays in the places we've left

Fm (133111@1)                  Cm (x3101x@1)And I wanna stay here for ever
       C# (x43121@1)          Eb (x43121@3)               Ab (xx1114@1)    CmWide (x3101x@1)a wake, in your dreams and in your heart
  Fm (133111@1)                    Cm (x3101x@1) 
A wake, promise me you re member
        C# (x43121@1)                   EbSo (x43121@3)that time can never tear us apart
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