• Song:

    All Things Bright And Beautiful

  • Artist:

    Owl City

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So I went through all the tabs on here from ATBAB and put them all in one place. 
I'd like to recognize all the people who actually tabbed these songs and posted them.
1. The Real World: Jesse608
2. Deer In The Headlights: Lucas Johner
3. Angels: Saxophonize -- Check out his cover: 
4. Dreams Don't Turn To Dust: frenchboy
5. Honey And The Bee: Lucas Johner (chords)/Random Person (intro)
6. Kamikaze: frenchboy
7. ...
8. Galaxies: frenchboy
9. Hospital Flowers: frenchboy
10. Alligator Sky (.feat Shawn Chrystopher): emsidizi/myself
11. The Yacht Club: Jesse608
12: Plant Life: frenchboy
13. How I Became The Sea: frenchboy
14. Alligator Sky: emsidizi
(bonus) Lonely Lullaby: Lucas Johner

And now the tabs

Tuning: Standard
Capo: First Fret

Ce |---|---|---|---|---|B |-x-|---|---|---|---|G |---|---|---|---|---|D |---|-x-|---|---|---|A |---|---|-x-|---|---|E |---|---|---|---|---|
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