• Song:

    Designer Skyline

  • Artist:

    Owl City

  • Album:

    Of June

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Artist: Owl City
Album: Of June
Song: Designer Skyline

Key: B | Capo: 4

Intro (x2): G  D   Am  C   Am  G   C  Em   D

  G            D           Em
Affection, the gifted architect
    C       D         Em     G     C   Em  D
Is making a draft and beautiful design
    G           D        Em
The options and possibilities
     C           D    Em        G    C    Em  D
Are endless when we connect and re-align
  G            D         Em
Collections of books and documents
  C          D     Em       G        C   Em  D
Arise and parade around my cluttered desk
  G           D               Em
Reworking the math and measurements
  C          D            Em         G   C     
Until I'm convinced these plans are picturesque
     Em               D
Like mountains in the Midwest

Instrumental (x2): G  D   Am  C   Am  G   C  Em   D

  G         D                Em
Reaction creates the columns dark
     C             D      Em          D    C    Em  D
And wide like the roads around Fort Lauderdale
       G         D                 Em        
The structures begin to take their shape
  C            D         Em     D   C    Em  D 
Before I've designed the public monorail
     G           D               Em
The turnpike and high-speed motorway
  C           D         Em       D       C     Em  D
Connect and enclose the quaint suburban streets
      G          D                Em
The airport, the broad suspension bridge
    C            D            Em     D      C      
The lake and the beach where several rivers meet
   Em               D
Compounded from the spreadsheet

G       C                Em
 A city sparkles in the night
How can it glow so bright?
G            Em                 C                D
 The neighborhoods surround the soft florescent light
G           C           Em
 Designer skyline in my head
Abstract and still well-read
G              Em                  C            D
 You went from numbered lines to buildings overhead

Ending (x2): G  D   Am  C   Am  G   C  Em   D  (C)
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