• Song:

    Sailor Sally

  • Artist:

    Paddy And The Rats

  • Album:

    Rats on Board

D  A  G  D
D  G  A  A

D  G  D  A
D  G  D  A  D

D            A      
Sailor Sally was her name 
G              D
Workin for the Pub-Marine 
D                  G
Fish and chips and gasoline
D              A      D
smelled on her ginger hair
D                 A
On high heels, so stumblin?
G                   D
Crooned a song of a submarine
D                 G
Took a cigarette, spilled a gin
D                A      D
Her tongue cuted like a knife


VERSE2 (same like verse1)
Young, only 17
Breast were big but she was thin
Her white skin so freckled
Made the captain nuts on her
She married for a diamond ring
Noone knows what else he think
Coz everybody knows she loves 
joshing all the cocks

D                         G          D
I go on with the story of our fallin star
D                             G              A
She sailed by a ship with the captain on her side

G              D           A         Bm
Longed for the new world a beautiful future
G        D          A              D        
Being so famous was meaning of her life
G                    D           A      Bm
She?d have done that favour, but nobody asked her
G                 D            A            D
She has been left alone by the captain in a bar

D          G
Sally ? go away
D           A
Sally ? sail away
D          G
Sally ? dont look back
D       A       D
Whatcha waiting for
D          G
Sally ? hungry for 
D           A
Sally ? thirsty for
D           G
Sally ? horny for you
D        A        D
Crawling on the floor

D  G  D  A
D  G  D  A  D
E  B  E  B
E  B  A  B  E

VERSE3 (same like Verse1 and 2)
She came home on valentine?s
Closed out from the ?paradise?
In the chill, looked like a bride
Who?s married with the dark
She was tired of the same
But never want to sail again
Gets her real job on the knees
And Moaning on the floor

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