• Song:

    A Last Song

  • Artist:

    Paddy Goes To Holyhead

  • Album:

    E. & O.E.

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Intro:    C  Am  G  D     Am  C  D  D7 or Dsus4

==Verse 1==

G                 D                    Em             Bm
   This will be a last song, this will be a last good-bye
     C                Am             G                 D
Take care of yourself everywhere and hold your head up high
    G               D               Em                Bm
The moon is shining clearly and the stars are shining bright
C                  Am              G           G
    This will be a last song for tonight

==Verse 2==

G                D                Em             Bm
When I?m old and doddering and my race is almost run
         C             Am           G                D
Will you ever think of me, will you miss me when I?m gone?
G                   D                Em              Bm
Forget all pain and sorrow, come and rest here by my side
C                   Am              G           G
     This will be a last song for tonight


     C                   Am          G              D
Last night I dreamed the waters came rushing to and fro
    Am           C          Em              D
The siren gave a warning, I watched my body go
    C            Am          G            D
The sea began to rollin?, oh God I cannot land
  Am                C               D                  D7
I hear a loud voice calling "Please save this drowning man"

Instrumental Part: Chords as in the Verse

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Verse 1
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