• Song:

    The Cliffs Of Dooneen

  • Artist:

    Paddy Reilly

  • Album:

    The Best Of Paddy Reill...

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The Cliffs Of Dooneen chords
Paddy Reilly (live version) *

        D                        G          D
You may travel far far from your own native home
     D                          A           Bm
Far away oer the mountains far away oer the foam
       D                        A         Bm
But of all the fine places that I've ever seen,
        D           Bm            G            A
There's none can compare with the cliffs of Dooneen

       A            D              G                 D
Take a view oer the mountains fine sights you'll see there
               D                           A             Bm
You'll see the high rocky mountains on the West coast of Clare
    D                       A          Bm
The towns of Kilrush and Kilkee can be seen
         D          Bm               G            A
From the high rocky slopes round the cliffs of Dooneen

       A             D       G             D
It s a nice place to be on a fine Summer's day
         D                         A          Bm
Watching all the wild flowers that ne'er do decay
    D                           A           Bm
The hare and lofty pheasant are plain to be seen
       D               Bm              G            A
Making homes for their young round the cliffs of Dooneen

          A          D              G          D
Fare thee well to Dooneen fare thee well for a while
       D                       A         Bm
And to all the fine people I'm leaving behind
       D                             A           Bm
To the streams and the meadows where late I have been
        D          Bm               G      A     D    A D
And the high rocky slopes round the cliffs of Dooneen

* Alternate:

Capo II

D  = C
A  = G
G  = F
Bm = Am


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