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Date: Sun, 14 Jan 1996 19:47:48 -0600 (CST)

              Sunset Red and Pale Moonlight

                                  written by: Kim Richey

                             performed by Pam Tillis on "All of This Love"


  G                            C
1.We gave the day up to a hot back road
  D                          G
  And let it take us out of town
  G                    C
  To a spot down by the river
  D                    G
  To watch the sun go down

  G                                C
  We must have sat and talked for hours
  D                     G
  Not giving in to the night
  G                       C
  And that day I saw the sunset
  D               G
  In a whole new light

  C                            G
C.Now the stars came out like diamonds
      C                  D
  On a deep blue satin sky
  He said from where he stood
  Honey you sure look good
             C                D
  In sunset red and pale moonlight


  G                         C
2.Later we pulled out the blanket
  D                          G
  When we felt the evening chill
  G                             C
  Oh and he wrapped his armes around me
  D                        G
  That's when time stood still

Repeat chorus twice

             C                D     G
  In sunset red and pale moonlight
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