• Song:

    Take Me

  • Artist:

    Papa Roach

  • Album:

    Live and Murderous in C...

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Papa Roach - Take Me
This is going to be a little off, but I have the bass backing the guitar, you’ll need to listen to the song. I cant find any tab for this song yet so I’m throwing this up, correct if necessary.. Thnx.. 

Let guitar play two times, come in with the drums third time 
G |------------------------------|
D |------------------------------|
A |--------------0-0-------------|
E |--4-4--0-0--------2-2---------|

G |-------------------------------------------------------------|
D |--------666--------444--------777--------666-----------------|
A |-444--------222--------777--------444------------------------|
E |-------------------------------------------------- 222h4-----|

This is just a story of a broken soul
G |-------------------------------|
D |-------------------------------|
A |-------------------------------|
E |-----5~--------------7~--------|

As days go by
G |-------------------------------------------------------------|
D |-------------------------------------------------------------|
A |-442-0---0---------222/442-0---0-------2—2-------------------|
E |----------------222--------------------222---------4---------|

Intro x2
Verse x2
Broken Soul x2
As days x1
Chorus x4
Verse x2
Broken Soul x2
Days go x1
Chorus x8
Verse x2
Chorus x12
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