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    Zeek The Geek

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Zeek The Geek
by The Parakeets
From the Album: "All That"

Here is a really cool song from one of my favorite groups.

There was a Zeeky, from 107.3
He chased me up a tree
In Global History
He had to pee
       G        G       G

(Heavy Distortion)
Cb5             D#5     Ab5
Jon, Jon, Jennie aint' want yo pants on!

What!?!?   Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Don't be a fool at school, Ho!

Solo:  "Jonathan, What the hell are you dooooooooing?!

His friend is Tarantula, and Yosmelli!
Fat Man at his school has a big beer belly!
They shmush his peanut butter and jelly!
Then they replace it with rotten old deli!


See Ya, Ho!
Wouldn't wanna be Ya! Ho, Ho!
My name ain't Joe!
My name is Jon an' I ain't got underwear on!

(Fade Out)

Hi to Sasha, Benjii, Alex, and my hommies from my hood and school.
From Rafi and Kevin
Rafi's address: parakeetx@hotmail.com
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