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Title      :    A Christmas Gift
Artist     :    Paraluman
Album      :    Sakto Sa Pasko

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Intro: Eb-Fm-Eb-Bb 2x

 Eb     Bb     Bb         Bb            Cm         Gm         Bb  Bb  
If you sat beneath the Christmas tree, You'd surely add to the colors,

 Eb    Bb      Bb        Bb        Cm   Gm       Bb Bb       
But even if you were gift wrapped, I couldn't love you more


 Cm    Bb(Ab)       Cm   Bb(Ab)
This Holiday..This Holiday


 Eb     Fm         Eb           Bb   Eb    Fm     Eb     Bb (Ab)
Hold me tight, you wonderful thing, And be my Christmas gift

  Cm        Gm             Bb
That surely brightens up my day

   Eb        Bb     Bb        Bb
You have to know that if I had you

  Cm        Gm        Bb     Bb      Eb    Bb   Bb   Bb
I'd have the gift, I'd most adore, Better than anythig

 Cm     Gm    Bb     Bb
Better than anyone else,..

<>=---Repeat Refrain--=<>

<>=---Repeat Chorus--=<>

Adlib: Eb-Fm-Eb-Bb 2x

<>=---Repeat Chorus 2x--=<>

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