• Song:

    Dead Or Dying

  • Artist:

    Park Jefferson

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Tuning: Standard

During this song, Nick does some hammer-ons on the D string from fret 2-3 and 
sometimes leaves the B string open. Just listen around for it. This is such a 
beautiful song. Hope this helps! 

      C1  C2    C3

Verse 1
  C1                                                      C2
Cutting holes in the back of my eyes to make room for
   C3                      C1                     C2         C3
all the black skies that I can't see and can't see me.
Making friends with some kids from a new town.
    C2                                      C3
Buried bodies coming up from the ground now.
     C1             C2          C3          C1
I am dead or dying. I am tired of trying now.


Spent a month living out on the east coast made me realize

just who I love most and that's not you. That's not you. Well I'm sorry for the

things that I said dear, but you and I were left in last year and now we're gone.

We've been for so long.


I've come to terms with the fact that I'm dying.

And my lungs are turning black from the smoking.

But I am not afraid, no, I am not afraid. (x2)

No I am not afraid.
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