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That Skunk is Mad by Parry Gripp

Tabbed by Jeremy Salwen 02/28/2010

That skunk is mad
That skunk is mad
               F#m                         D
That skunk is really really really really mad


Hey little skunk man
Don't put the stink on me
I'm just trying to get through my back yard
Kind of peacefully

You're a nice fuzzy animal
I've not nothing against you
Awwww we could be friends
Come over here and stand on my shoe doo waka doo

Oh yeah
When I first saw you get all angry
and then walk over and stand on my shoe
I knew you were no ordinary skunk

People say you smell bad
And it's true
But we all smell bad sometimes
So you just keep on doing what you do little skunk

And let me walk on by

(chorus) x2  (He voices over the first chorus with "Awww yeah" and "Here I come"   And 
over the second chorus with "You stay over there little skunk")

The song then just ends on an A.
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