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                ROBERT by Dolly Parton

Robert's appearance is something to behold
Dressed in the finest of store bought clothes
My mamma sews my clothes cause I'm just a poor girl
But Robert is as real as his daddies gold

Robert could have_any girl that he wanted
But his feelings for me each day seems to grow
He don't know the reason,that he's so drawn to me
but there is  a story that Robert doesn't know

Oh Robert...Oh Robert

Robert is constantly making eyes at me
He misunderstands the feelings we share
There's no way that I_can return his glances
But I know the meaning of the feeling that's there

Robert if you knew,there once was a rich boy
in love with a poor girl_long time ago
But the folks of that rich boy,would not let them marry
And I am a symbol of the love that they stole

Oh Robert...Oh Robert

Robert,Oh Robert if you only knew
The same blood is flowing in both me and you
That rich boy's your father,but he's also mine
And my mamma's the poor girl that he left behind

Oh Robert...Oh Robert
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