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This is my first actual tab, and I learned it by ear so its not perfect so I split 
it into two different versions, i honestly prefer style one because it sounds 
better in my opinion, anyways its one of my favorite songs so here it is, Hope You Enjoy.

Song: Hell Is For Children
Artist: Pat Benatar
Tabliture By: Amezops?
E-mail: Amezops3@gmail.com

Tuning: Standard

 Style 1:                           Style 2:
e|---------------------|       /|        e|---------------------|       /|
B|-8-7--3-5/6-5~-2-1---|\  /  / |        B|-8-7--3-5-6-5--2-1---|\  /  / |
G|---------------------| \/  /__|_       G|-8-7--3-5-6-5--2-1---| \/  /__|_
D|---------------------| /\     |        D|---------------------| /\     |
A|---------------------|/  \    |        A|---------------------|/  \    |
E|---------------------|                 E|---------------------|

/=Slide up
~= Wiggle your finger on the string to alter sound 
   (lol forgot technical term at the moment)

Side Note: 
Style 1 also sounds decent if played on the G and e strings as well
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