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Love Letters In The Sand:Pat Boone
Top of the charts in '57.

     C                  F                D
On a day like today, we passed the time away,
        G            G7     C   G
writing love letters in the sand. 
        C                          F              D
How you laughed when I cried, each time I saw the tide,
         G            G7       C   F C 
take our love letters from the sand.

           E         E7         Am
You made a vow, that you, would always be true,
        D         D7         G          G7
But somehow, that vow, meant nothing to you.

       C                        F               D
Now my broken heart aches, with every wave that breaks,
     G            G7     C    F C
over love letters in the sand.



A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.
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