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Patrick Watson – The Storm
tabs by Brian Reynolds

Gm 			  	            Bm
found himself out into the road the dust up to his nose
Gm				           Bm
put that anchor down to find a place where he could go
                 Dm					  Am
'cause he was looking for the shelter from the storm
          Fm					  Cm           D	
you were looking for a place that you could call your own... you...

Gm				       Bm
kept on, now walking past the signs you used to see
Gm				           Bm
kept on getting used to dropping-anchor in the sea
                   Dm				     Am
'cause you?re looking for a shelter of the storm
      Fm						Cm        D
looks like news that storm is coming closer every day now...

Gm    Bm   Gm   Bm  Dm Am Fm Cm D

drove himself into a town, the roads were paved with gold
(all the roads were paved with gold)
eyes wide open, shutters closed (eyes wide open, shutters closed)
just waiting for my time... no (quarter to twelve is time to go)
the sorrow's hiding underground the rain is falling upside down
(and the clouds are turning red like flames)
	          Dm			         Am                Fm		
oh 'cause i'm looking for a shelter from the storm... 'cause she's getting 
         Cm                   D       Gm    Bm   Gm Bm  Dm Am Fm Cm D
closer every daaaaaaayyyyyyeyeyeyehey!
Gm			       Bm
the storm is getting closer every day       x3
every day
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