• Song:

    Central Park

  • Artist:

    Paul McCartney

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Unreleased/incomplete song performed by Paul McCartney on the Michael Parkinson Show back in 1999.

The mist that settled on Central Park
   A7/C#                              Dm9           G
is clearing up and things are looking brighter now

So let's go walking before it's dark
    A7/C#                          Dm9        
the mayor of New York City says he might allow
    G               E7/Ab         Am
the whole of ol' Manhattan to belong to us
     F           G
it's going for a song to us

the Frick Museum is shutting down
    A7/C#                             Dm9         G
but let's duck in and wander 'round a pick or two

Take a taxi and head downtown
      A7/C#                        Dm9
where every street magician does a trick for you
G                        E7/Ab             Am
and the all the young respiring bards will throng to us
     F          G
they dedicate a song to us

Oh, zoot zoot zoot zoot zoot-ie zoot

End on C6
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