• Song:

    Change I Know

  • Artist:

    Paula I Karol

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C C F F Am G C C      2x

C                              F
Boy loved blue-eyed son / song?                  (could be son or song, i can't quite get it)
                                             Am      G      C
only child of a broken home

romance, rolling stones
              F                                 Am      G      C
treat the pain like your own

Am            F
change - i know
                              C      C
is gonna come
      Am      F
we fell, we fall
                               C      C
we move on

C C F F Am G C C (like INTRO)

C                                                F
sixth sense, heart and hands
                                                 Am      G      C
try to love the ones you can't

C                                                 F
father gone, he took your seed                  (not quite sure about the lyrics here ?)
                                                  Am      G      C
a bit of you and a piece of me


Badadam on

C C F F Am G C C       2x

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