• Song:

    Change I Know

  • Artist:

    Paula I Karol

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C5 C5 F5 F5 A5 G5 C5 C5      2x

C5                              F5
Boy loved blue-eyed son / song?                  (could be son or song, i can't quite get it)
                                             A5      G5      C5
only child of a broken home

romance, rolling stones
              F5                                 A5      G5      C5
treat the pain like your own

A5            F5
change - i know
                              C5      C5
is gonna come
      A5      F5
we fell, we fall
                               C5      C5
we move on

C5 C5 F5 F5 A5 G5 C5 C5 (like INTRO)

C5                                                F5
sixth sense, heart and hands
                                                 A5      G5      C5
try to love the ones you can't

C5                                                 F5
father gone, he took your seed                  (not quite sure about the lyrics here ?)
                                                  A5      G5      C5
a bit of you and a piece of me


Badadam on

C5 C5 F5 F5 A5 G5 C5 C5       2x

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