• Song:

    Mothers Stew

  • Artist:

    Paula I Karol

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Capo 1st fret

Chords are always the same, just repeat until refrain

      C5                             C5
The wind and seas, the fallen leaves
       C5                                                F5
The olive trees, will get us through tomorrow

A drop of dew, your mother's stew
And all that flower blowing in the wind
We take a ride and look inside
And throw away the rules that we won't follow
The wind and seas the fallen leaves
The olive trees will get us through that day

            C5                                 C5
And the tone you keep and the way you breathe
          G5                          G5  
Is like home for me
                 A5            A5
keeps me company
                               F5        F5
with ever word you say
             C5                             C5
And the clever way that the branches sway

                G5               G5
How they comfort me
A5                       A5
keep me company, 
                       F5               F5
forever and a day

The tattered clothes, the sticks and stones
The broken bones, no way to heal that sorrow
The running trail, we tripped and fell
Jump that rail and swim across the bay
I'd slowly dance, and hold your hand
Then look away and hope you'll call tomorrow
The tattered clothes, the sticks and stones
The broken bones no way to heal the pain

And the time we spent hand and foot in sand
on your father's hill, now it all stands still, we look from far away
And the room you left and the books you read
Out loud to me still ring out in me, I miss you every day
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