• Song:

    Be Thou My Vision

  • Artist:

    Pedro The Lion

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Note: Based off video performance. Also, all C chords could be C/E chords as well.
Do whatever sounds better to you because I can't tell you what the correct way is.

C  -x32010
F  -133211
G  -320003
Am -x02210
Em -022000

Intro:  C Csus4 C Csus4

Tab intro:
    (C)                   (Csus4)
B: -----------0------------------------0---------------|
G: -------1------1----------------1-------1------------|
D: -2---------------------3----------------------------|
A:  ----3-----------3----------3--------------3--------|
E: ----------------------------------------------------|

Verse I:
C (x32010@1)        Am (x02210@1)     F (133211@1)        CBe (x32010@1)Thou my Vision O Lord of my heart
G (320003@1)           C (x32010@1)        F (133211@1)            EmNaught (022000@1)be all else to me save that Thou art
F (133211@1)          Em (022000@1)       C (x32010@1)       FThou (133211@1)my best thought by day or by night
Am (x02210@1)      Em (022000@1)         F (133211@1)         CWaking (x32010@1)or sleeping Thy presence my light

Verse II:
C (x32010@1)      Am (x02210@1)         F (133211@1)         CRiches (x32010@1)I heed not nor man's empty praise
G (320003@1)       C (x32010@1)         F (133211@1)     EmThou (022000@1)mine inheritance now and always
F (133211@1)           Em (022000@1)  C (x32010@1)        FThou (133211@1)and Thou only first in my heart
Am (x02210@1)         Em (022000@1)      F (133211@1)           CHigh (x32010@1)King of heaven my Treasure Thou art
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