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I am 100% that the entire song is correct,
the chords are a bit hard but keep at it and it shall work :)

| Four strokes inside this |

Intro: | Dm  Dm/C | Bb13 A7+5 | Play four times

Verse: | Dm  Dm/C | Bb13 A7+5 | Dm Dm/C | Bb13 A7+5|
       | Gm7      | Bb13 (x10113@1)name="chord_x03021@1">A7+5 | DmDm7 (xx0231@1) | Dm6 (xx0201@1)Dm7 |
       | Bb13 (x10113@1)   | A7+5 (x03021@1)name="chord_x02020@1">A7   | Dm (xx0231@1)name="chord_030231@1">Dm/C | Bb13A7+5| (x10113@1)This is the basic layout of the song, play the intro once between every verse.

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