• Song:

    Casanova In Hell

  • Artist:

    Pet Shop Boys

  • Album:


Casanova In Hell

Intro: A  D-5  D x2

A (x02220@1)          D-5 (x1233x@5)DThe (xx0232@1)girl's perfection 
A (x02220@1)       D-5 (x1233x@5)DInspires (xx0232@1)affection 
Bm (x24432@1)             EIt's (022100@1)queer that here 
                   C#mHe (x13321@4)can't cast his spell 
        F#mIn (244222@1)her direction 
           D (xx0232@1)             E7 (020130@1)Somewhere near one senses fear 
             A (x02220@1) D (xx0232@1)FCasanova (133211@1)in Hell 

A (x02220@1)        D-5 (x1233x@5)DThe (xx0232@1)girl is naked 
A (x02220@1)       D-5 (x1233x@5)DThe (xx0232@1)boy is naked 
Bm (x24432@1)      EHe (022100@1)hides inside 
          C#m (x13321@4)            F#mA (244222@1)secret chamber, there to gape 
                  DThrough (xx0232@1)a velvet drape 
              E7And (020130@1)dream of rape 
             ACasanova (x02220@1)in Hell

A  A7/G  D/F#  F6 x2 

A (x02220@1)        D-5 (x1233x@5)DHer (xx0232@1)sharp suggestion 
A (x02220@1)                 D-5 (x1233x@5)DHe (xx0232@1)couldn't get an erection 
Bm (x24432@1)       ECame (022100@1)as a shock 
          C#mHe (x13321@4)finds himself 
            F#mA (244222@1)laughing stock 
            DHis (xx0232@1)ageing fate 
         E7To (020130@1)contemplate 
             A (x02220@1) D (xx0232@1)FCasanova (133211@1)in Hell 

A (x02220@1)          D-5 (x1233x@5)DBack (xx0232@1)in the library 
A (x02220@1)                D-5 (x1233x@5)DHis (xx0232@1)revenge is his story 
Bm (x24432@1)          EWhat (022100@1)he will write 
                C#mWill (x13321@4)recall the bite 
                F#m (244222@1)        DOf (xx0232@1)his wit and legendary appetite 
        E7The (020130@1)sybarite 
             A (x02220@1) A7/GCasanova (302020@1)is well 
                     D/F# (200232@1)     F6For (15xxxx@1)Casanova has the last laugh 
                          A (x02220@1)    A7/GCreates (302020@1)the myth and vindication 
               D/F# (200232@1)  F6Of (15xxxx@1)his sexual vocation 
                        A (x02220@1)     A7/GMakes (302020@1)the definitive collection 
                          D/F#His (200232@1)lives and lovers and above all 
      F6His (15xxxx@1)erection 
      A (x02220@1)    D (xx0232@1)F (133211@1)AWill (x02220@1)live in history 

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