This is my first attempt at a tab...blah blah blah
It is called summer at eureka, from pete murray's 
latest album also titled summer at eureka.

I noticed it wasn't on the list and i was keen to 
learn it so i decided to pull my finger out and 
do it myself. not too sure about the Em in the 
chorus but u can muck around with it. Great song, 
cheers pete.

Capo 4

intro: C Em F C G F

Verse: C Em F C G F x 2

Chorus: Am C Em F x 2

on the second round of the chorus the F chord is 
played for an extra bar where the hammer-ons occur.

just for the ppl new to the guitaring/'hearing 
the tune' game, he plays mainly bass notes so 
stick to about D and above except when he plays 
the F(which is not a barre chord, k?), and if u 
add in a hammer-on, on the E note of the C chord 
it gives it a bit more character and between chordal
 strums slap to mute the strings 'jack johnson' style.

so u end up with something like this


And at the end of the progression the F chord is 
played for a bar longer, with a couple hammer-ons.
I will scribe it below but its good when u can 
give it ur own rhythm :)


C                Em
Baby I've been a fool on time
        F                  C
But it's always been in my way
            G            F
And I don't know or understand it now
   C               Em
So darlin' summer's almost gone
              F                 C   G
And I've been cold and along my way everyday
            F          Am
I'm calling out in overload

        C        Em           F            Am
Just to save you for it's the only time we know 
      C         Em            F                  
Yesterday is so far and I can only begin to say

(and thats the progressions for the verses and 
chorus', they are just repeated throughout the song,
as far as structure goes,
its pretty much just
solo (which is the chorus chords)
and then finish with a verse progression and end 
on a single strum of the C chord)

I've been winging it here
But time's just killing my day
Yearning for to touch your ways
Now any time you feel inside
Don't be lonely in your sleep
Dream your there cause it will always keep us bound

It's the same old laws that we learned on yesterday
It's your way I'm calling out
And how god has blessed me
How long this time will we have our way
Just the same spring is gone and your summers on it's way

Feel it now
Don't worry what's going down
cause everything we ever had is always here.

my hotmail is if anyone has
any questions, comments or corrections.

thanks THEJKL
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