• Song:

    You Cant Hurry Love

  • Artist:

    Phil Collins

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Phil Collins
Can't hurry love

Tabbed By Wicho0

Intro:Drums & Bass

       G             C       G               Hm        Em      Am                D
I need love, love to ease my mind and I need to find time, someone to call mine. My Mama said:

    G                        C            G
You can't hurry love. No you just have to wait.
          Bm              Em        Am             D
She said: Love don't come easy, but it's a game of give and take.
    G                           C            G
You can't hurry love. No you'll just have to wait.
     Bm         Em           Am          D       D7
Just trust on a good time, no matter how long it takes.

How many heartaches must I stand, 
before I find the love to let me live again.
Right now the only thing, that keeps me hangin' on,
       D                          D7                D
when I feel my strenghth, oh it's almost gone, I remember Mama said:

Then Just play This and you're done

Strophe (played like refrain)

If you need to show me a correction or something e mail me at luis_marty@hotmail.com
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