• Song:

    Crumble To Pieces

  • Artist:

    Phil Wickham

  • Album:

    Phil Wickham

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Listen to the song for exact timing.

Intro: Bm// A/// C#m// B/// Bm// A/// /E/ (2x)

Verse 1

E                         Bm
You raise me beyond the skies,
        A                  E 
into a city of eternal light
E                   Bm
Looking down on the stars, 
            A                       C#m  B Bm G F#m
I fly into heaven, caught up in your arms


B                  F#m     C#m             Ebmaj
I Breathe Your fragrance, taste your goodness,
Abm         B
Crumble to pieces
G           F#m
Into Your love 
B         F#m    C#m     Ebmaj
In Your presence all my existence
Abm         B
Crumbles to pieces 
G         F#m
Into Your love

Verse 2

E                         Bm
I'm speechless what can I say
               A                       E
Words become tears, As You wipe them away 
E                                 Bm
All my kisses and crowns at your feet
         A                   C#m  B Bm G F#m
Fire of heaven burn love over me


B                      A
It's such a beautiful story
B                         F#m
I'm face to face with the King of glory
B                   F#m                      A            F#m back to Chorus
You rescued someone unworthy, I know this is love
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