• Song:

    Fudge Packers In Disguise

  • Artist:

    Pinkard E Bowden

A5                               C5 
An old cowpoke went cruising on one warm and special day 
    A5                                C5  
And at the rest stop were some men he couldn?t tell were gay 
And all at once he thought he heard a redneck cattle call 
     F5                                A5 
Then 2 big sissies grabbed him up and nailed him to the wall 
         C5               A5 
Yippy-yi-yaaay, Yippy-yi-yooo 
F5                    A5 
Fudge Packers In Disguise 
Their trucks were haulin? Hershey Bars, their boots had toes of steel 
His hiney was on fire and their hot breath he could feel 
It goes to show the cover of a book you cannot judge 
Cause who?d have thought these macho dudes were into packin fudge 
Yippy-yi-yaaay, Yippy-yi-yooo 
Fudge Packers In Disguise
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