• Song:

    Cheap Motel

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    Speak No Evil

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Capo 1 
A             E               D
A stark naked light bulb in a room with no view 
     A             E           D
This coffee tastes bitter this whiskey tastes new 
  A           E                D
I lied when I told you that my dreams all came true 
           A         E 
And it's a helluva a ride 
          A     D
Leaves me empty inside 
          A   E           A
And livin' in cheap motel rooms  
Another big city one more face with no name 

And it's miles to the edge of the bed where I lay 

The cracks in the ceiling spell out all my shame 
     E                        D              A
Oh I sit here and count every mile that I've crawled 
          E                 D
And every mistake that I've made 
          A       E            D
While the flowers fade off the wall 
But how do I start to stop a wheel that's on fire 
When I can't even tell from the words of a liar 
I'm tryin' to come down but I keep gettin' higher 
Chorus x 2
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