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    The Longest Road

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Capo 2 
G5           C5           D5
Put on your high heeled shoes  
         G5                   C5
And that brand new dress you found 
G5                  D5    C5
Baby let's go into town  
G5              C5         D5
We can take my Dad's old Dodge  
G5                       C5
I've already bought the gas 
G5                   D5    C5 G5
To get us there and back  
C5            D5
We may never get ahead 
G5                    C5
But we don't have to move so slow 
G5               C5
We can take the fastest lane  
D5        C5       G5
Down the longest road  
You say this place has got you down  
And there's nothin' here to do 
Oh but baby that's not true 
We can hear the alley cat choir 
Watch the parade of empty fields 
Life is a circus spinnin' right at our heels 
Before this quarter moon is spent 
We'll let these razor high beam lights 
Cut us a slice of Friday night 
But baby don't you act so shy 
Slide over close to me 
We won't always feel this free, yeah 
Baby down the longest road (twice)
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